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ISSA Certified Precision Nutrition Certified NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified FMS Functional Movement Certified
Islamabad's Certified Fitness and Nutrition Professionals

Welcome to Omnifarious

Take a giant leap towards your fitness and health goals in a secure environment,with a flexible schedule. Omnifarious is the only gym in the South Asian subcontinent and Middle East to be certified by Precision Nutrition of John Berardi (Phd Nutrition), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) USA, International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) USA, and Functional Movement Systems of Gray Cook (world’s top physical therapist & orthopedic specialist) all together! more>>

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Why Choose Omnifarious?

We all spend a lot of time and money these days trying to get in shape, but we lack specific information for our individual circumstances and goals. What works for one person might actually take another person away from his or her goal. It's that simple. You need to know EXACTLY what works for YOU.  We have learnt not to guess, but to assess. We set plans, we implement a strategy, we monitor progress, and we get results. That’s our core value. more>>

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Client Testimonials

My experience at Omnifarious has been very exciting, full of energy and result oriented. It has been excellent for me and I’ve grown to love the place a lot. It’s one of the hours that I look forward in a day and even though I come from office tired, I feel that my energy goes up as I enter the gym because of the energy present in the gym. The results I got from Omnifarious has surpassed my goals (Omnifarious has helped me achieve more than I aimed for). What I came here for was first to rehabilitate my knees and lose the fat that I gained after I got my injuries and work up to my functional strength, be able to get out there and perform. Read More>>
The last five years were a roller coaster ride for me as far as my body is concerned, with a back surgery, two babies through difficult pregnancies and a steady piling up of kilos. I found myself depressed and out of control. This all changed the day I walked into Omnifarious and met Moez and Samira! In just three months, I feel stronger, leaner, healthier and more confident all around. These guys have helped me understand nutrition,loose weight and stay motivated. I try to go for sessions at least three days of the week, but would definitely go all seven days if I could manage :)
Serving in Iran's army is a total waste of time for me but the fun part is when they try to make everyone run and I am faster than anyone who has probably ever been there. They kill every one with squats with a gun on their back and lots of wrong high rep sit ups but I don't even sweat. Everyday, at the end of the training session every one is on the ground, the colonel is gone, and I am there, still standing, ready for the next round. I became the top soldier of the month. I no more have posts at 3 am. Thanks Omnifarious :)
Ken Kazungu
Aban Haq
Parsa Jalali
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Video Testimonials

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